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Steven Elliott Jackson

Steven Elliott Jackson is a Dora-nominated playwright and the artistic director of Minmar Gaslight Productions and its family theatre company, 3 Little Bears Productions. His plays include The Seat Next to the King (which won Best New Play at the Toronto Fringe in 2017), Three Ordinary Men (which won Best New Play at the Hamilton Fringe Festival in 2020, a finalist in the 2020 ScreenCraft Stage Play Awards and nominated for the Best New Play at 2022 Dora Awards) and The Leaves Beneath the Trees. (finalist in the 2019 Newmarket Ten Minute Play Festival)This past year, Steven has premiered the queer film history play, The Garden Of Alla and The Prince’s Big Adventurer, a queer fairy tale for the whole family at the 2022 Toronto Fringe to glowing reviews.

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