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Posted April 14, 2018

With Love and a Major Organ nominated for the Los Angeles Theatre Critics Award for Best Production

Congratulations to Julia Lederer for her play With Love and a Major Organ being nominated for the 2017 Los Angeles Theatre Critics Award for Best Production for the production at Boston Court Theatre.

Anabel gives her heart to a man she meets on the subway and he disappears with it. Her limbs begin to fall asleep. George is on the run but keeps getting distracted by romantic comedies. he begins to blame his mother. Mona resorts to seeking therapy from GoogleShrink, forcing herself to speed-date, and taking in a stranger who appears on her doorstep clad in purple plaid. With Love and a Major Organ uses magic realism to reinvent the modern romantic comedy. Poetic, quirky, and deeply original, the play examines love in the age of technology, our ability and need to connect with strangers, and the universally trying task of reconciling the head and the heart.