Where Is Here? A CBC Radio Drama Anthology (Vol. II)

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Damiano Pietropaolo, Editor

About the Author

Volume II contains six plays. The English-language plays are: Novena, by Marie-Beath Badian, a play about a detached and estranged daughter’s return home to say a Novena for her father who is sick in the Philippines; The Clothesline, by Donna Caruso, a fun and loving narration about three generations of Canadian women and their experiences far from the land of their birth; Spring Arrival, by Marjorie Chan, returns a sick woman to the cultural misunderstandings of her first day in Toronto from Hong Kong to cheer up her daughter and patients in the hospital ward; The Gift, by Marty Chan, a touching story behind the desperate attempt of a mother, who fled China during the Great Cultural Revolution, to pass down the family’s dumpling recipe to her daughter; Say Ginger Ale, by Marcia Johnson, a play in which a Jamaican Canadian woman returns to her homeland and finds herself forced to rediscover the value of what she has left behind and confirm fundamental truths about immigrant life; One Officer’s Experiences, by Arthur J. Vaughan, the compassionate and humourous memoir of an immigration officer stationed at Halifax’s Ocean terminal who greeted the arrival of immigrants for twenty years spanning the great post-war influx.

See also AirPlay: An Anthology of CBC Radio Drama, edited by Dave Carley.

About the Authors

Marie-Beath Badian is the associate artistic director of Toronto’s Theatre Direct. Donna Caruso is a Saskatchewan playwright, filmmaker, singer and prose writer. Marjorie Chan is the author of China Doll (Scirocco Drama, 2004). Marty Chan is best known for his award winning, comedic play Mom, Dad, I’m Living With a White Girl. Marcia Johnson is an actor and comedian, and the current playwright-in-residence at Blyth Festival. Arthur J. Vaughan’s memoir was produced by Joe Mahoney.

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