Trudeau Stories


Brooke Johnson

About the Book

In 1985, while she was a student at the National Theatre School in Montreal, Brooke Johnson became friends with Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

It had been a year and a half since he’d stepped down as Prime Minister, and now he was walking to work, putting cereal bowls on cartoon place-mats, washing dishes and making peanut-butter on toast. He was no longer doing pirouettes behind the Queen but sometimes he was hanging around with Brooke, sliding down ice-covered staircases on Mount Royal.

Through reminiscences, journal entries and correspondence, Brooke brings to life the story of a remarkable friendship. At once vital and charming, poignant and very funny, Trudeau Stories is about friendship and loss… and about who the heck we think we are.


“… [an] unexpectedly engaging memoir … like turning the pages of a live snapshot album … a maximum of craft but a minimum of artifice … it’s delightful.” –National Post

DRA0130000 Drama/Canadian
74pp 5.5 x 8.5 in