The Secret Annex


Alix Sobler

About the Book

Anne Frank has survived the war, and at age 25, she’s ready to start a new chapter in New York City. Eager to publish a memoir of her time in hiding, Anne is sure it will launch her career as a writer. But when the only interested publisher suggests drastic rewrites, Anne is unsure of what to do. Everyone around her seems to be able to move on and recover from the war, but her inability to make her voice heard forces Anne to question the meaning of her new life. Why did she survive, if not to share stories?


“It’s a slow-burner of a play, taking its time to establish its characters and their complicated relationships. And it makes its protagonist an imperfect hero, but whose conflict we feel viscerally – and who becomes all the more real for us for it.” –CBC

“Sobler skillfully weds the power of historical fact with the allure of a what-if scenario.” –Winnipeg Free Press

About the Author
Originally from New York, Alix S0bler is a theatre artist who now splits her time between the United States and Canada. Her plays have been workshopped and produced at theatres across North America. She is a graduate of Brown University, and will receive her MFA in playwriting from Columbia University in 2017. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two very creative cats.

DRA0130000 Drama/Canadian
106pp 5.5 x 8.5 in