The Home Children: Their Personal Stories


Phyllis Harrison

About the Book
From 1870 to 1930 British ‘Home’ children—over 100,000 of them—arrived to work on Canadian farms. Travelling in groups of up to 400, their worldly possessions in small metal trunks, they came from the discipline of British ‘Homes’ to the land that was believed to offer the best hope for their future. Some of them are still living; their personal stories have been compiled and edited by Phyllis Harrison.From childhood memories, the writers tell of the harsh conditions that separated them from family and friends, of the reality of loneliness, of grinding hard work, discrimination and disappointment.

“The stories have a directness and strength about them—moving and sometimes disquieting.”
—Times Literary Supplement

About the Author
Phyllis Harrison is a social worker and journalist. Her book documents a major event in Canadian history.

HIS006000 Cultural Studies/Canadian History
208pp 6 x 9 in