The End of the World: The Apocalyptic Imagination in Film and Television


John W. Martens

About the Book
What did the ancient Jewish and Christian seers imagine when they considered the end of the world? What do ancient apocalyptic texts really tell us about the nature of good and evil? The End of the World examines the social, historical, and theological nature of ancient apocalypses—such as 1 Enoch, the Apocalypse of John, and Daniel—and compares their vision of the apocalyptic end to that found in modern film and television.By examining films ranging from The Exorcist to Mad Max, from Bladerunner to End of Days, this book proposes that while apocalyptic films rely on these ancient apocalyptic texts, they alter them to give us a sense of our own fears and anxieties at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

PRE004030 Performing Arts/Film/History & Criticism REL006140 Religion/Bible/Prophecies
268pp 6 x 9 in