The Eldritch Plays


Eric Woolfe

About the Book
Gothic, witty, and theatrical, the plays in this collection will introduce readers to an irresistible new—and highly original—dramatic voice. Visit Eric Woolfe’s world … if you dare! The three works included in The Eldritch Plays are populated by some of the wildest creatures ever seen on a Canadian stage. “Sideshow of the Damned” brings us a panopoly of Woolfe characters: mad scientists, werewolves, would-be necromancers, and ghouls juxtaposed against the quotidian to great comic effect. In “The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom,” a small boy leads a fairly ordinary life until puberty, a succubus, and a strange friend named Herskill Fischmascher take him places he never wanted to go. And in the critically-acclaimed “Grendelmaus,” two co-workers have to deal with an evil mouse made immortal by eating the dead flesh of Grendel … as well as a finicky work supervisor, an eccentric mother, an ancient book of spells, and, naturally, love. Woolfe’s unique style uses live actors combined with puppets, simple stylized special effects, humour, and horror.

“Eric Woolfe gets full marks for imagination.”
NOW Magazine

About the Author
Eric Woolfe is an actor and director. His latest play, Dear Boss, is about Jack the Ripper, and opens in Toronto this season. He began his career as an actor, and, as a result of frequent unemployment, branched out into puppeteering and playwriting in 1998. He is also furiously at work on Madhouse Variations, a trilogy of short horror plays adapted from writers who are smarter than he is.

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
176pp 5.5 x 8.5 in
Sideshow of the Damned = 2F/3M; Billy Wuthergloom = 2M; Grendelmaus = 1F/1M plus puppets