The Catering Queen


Alison Lawrence

About the book

Welcome to Henderson Tessier McGuire & Smythe’s annual Christmas cocktail party, held at the gracious home of managing partner George Smythe and his lovely wife Buffy. It’s The Catering Gig From Hell.

Behind the scenes is Melanie, McKinley Catering’s supervisor, plating up hors d’oeuvres and juggling her career as a writer, her ex-boyfriend’s appearance on the arm of a gorgeous young lawyer and her friends’ expectations. Oh, and Cynthia’s there too, an actress not so happy to be wearing the catering bowtie, sniping at their old roommate Timothy, who’s making his first catering appearance in years. Eric’s there too, but he’s never a problem—Eric is the unflappable uber-caterer. Or is he? There’s Christmas cheer, sex, romance, death, laughter, a vast array of appetizers and a whole lot of vodka and wine. But not for nothing is Mel known as…The Catering Queen.


“This playwright knows her canapés! If you’ve been yearning to see a well-made comedy again—you know, the kind with a beginning, middle and end and a whole lot of laughs in between—then you ought to run, not walk, to The Catering Queen.”—Toronto Star

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
82pp 5.5 x 8.5 in