Rose Napoli

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One moment, Mona’s father is teaching her to make pasta sauce at 2 AM—and the next, she sits beside him in a hospital room, counting the seconds between beeps. When a curiously familiar barefooted boy runs in, carrying a blue umbrella and singing a song she’s heard somewhere before, the rain begins. And Mona goes on a journey forward to the past. Steeped in legend and lore, Oregano is a family play about accepting the past in order to embrace the future—teaching us that sometimes, the truth can be exactly what we imagine it to be.

About the author

Rose Napoli is a Toronto-based playwright and actress. She is a two-time participant in the Banff/Citadel Professional Theatre Program and has worked in theatres across the country. As a playwright, Rose debuted her first play, Oregano, at the Storefront Theatre in 2015. She has been a member of playwright units with Nightwood Theatre, Thousand Islands Playhouse, and Tarragon Theatre. Her plays include: Ten Creative Ways to Dispose of your Cremains, Lo (Or Dear Mr. Wells), and Shrew (A Big Fat Italian Comedy Inspired by William Shakespeare).


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“Napoli already has the gifts of sharp, believable dialogue, captivating imagery and deeper thematic resonances that many writers far more experienced lack…In the space of 70 minutes, she creates an entire world and three unique people who inhabit it. That is a rare gift indeed.” — Toronto Star

“This family play is about accepting the past in order to embrace the future, telling the story of Mona, who is sitting by her father’s hospital bedside, wondering why the boy who runs in singing a song and carrying an umbrella seems so familiar.” — Prairie Books Now
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DRA0130000 Drama/Canadian
66pp, 5.5 x 8.5 in