Joe From Winnipeg: All My Best


Ian Ross

About the Book
Joe from Winnipeg is an acclaimed series of weekly commentaries penned and performed by Ian Ross (winner of the 1997 Governor General’s Award for Drama) on CBC Radio One. Phenomenally successful since they began to air, these humorous commentaries reflect a compassionate and curious Everyman. In his third collection of the Joe from Winnipeg stories, Ross picks over 80 of his faves from the series. He delves into such pressing social issues as moose on the road, immunization, peekaboo, little dogs wearing nail polish, springrolls, and odometer checks.

“Not your average Joe.”
—Winnipeg Free Press

“Ian Ross puts together the ‘greatest hits’ of Joe From Winnipeg.”

About the Author
Ian Ross was born in McCreary, Manitoba, and now calls Winnipeg home. His first professional production, fareWel (Scirocco Drama), won the 1997 Governor General’s Award for Drama. He is also the author of The Gap (Scirocco Drama, 2000), Bereav’d of Light (produced at Stratford), Heart of a Distant Tribe, and two children’s plays, Baloney! (1998) and The Illustrated History of the Anishnawbe People (2001).

176 pages, 5in x 8in