Jim and Shorty


Alex Poch-Goldin

About the book

It’s morning in the city. Shorty rolls cigarettes on a bench while Jim looks for change in phone boxes. Big Tom is already drunk. As these men on the fringes of society draw us into their world, they trade stories about doughnuts and smokes, sisters and girlfriends, shelters and welfare. Acts of kindness follow acts of selfishness, and humour keeps pace with despair. We’re made privy to the men’s dreams and exposed to their flaws; we’re moved by their common dilemma. But it’s early yet. It’s election day, and an Aboriginal is running for office. Anything can happen… Filled with abundant humour and sharp insight, life on the street is given a human face as three lonely men fumble to make a connection.

“Exquisitely observed figures…hugely convincing…” —The Globe and Mail

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
80pp 5.5 x 8.5 in