Inuit Art: An Anthology


Alma Houston

About the book

From the first magical amulets and weapons to the world-famous Cape Dorset prints, Inuit Art is discussed by authorities such as Sheila Butler (‘Wall Hangings from Baker Lake’, ‘First Printmaking Year at Baker Lake’), Charlotte and Edward Lindgren (‘The Pangnirtung Tapestries’), and Jean Blodgett (‘The Historic Period in Canadian Eskimo Art’). For the newcomer, a solid introduction to Inuit art; for collectors and researchers, a gathering of expert knowledge in one volume. Editor Alma Houston lived among the Cape Dorset artists from 1952 to 1965. In the following years, as Head, Fine Arts Division of Canadian Arctic Producers, she was a catalyst in presenting the art of the Inuit to the world in a prestigious and reputable way.

130pp 8.5 x 11 in