Daniel Brooks and Guillermo Verdecchia

About the Book
In The Noam Chomsky Lectures—an angry, funny, political tirade—Brooks and Verdecchia challenged audiences to wake up. With Insomnia, the duo’s latest collaboration and a much darker show, awakening has become a curse. John is a man skeptical to the point of tyranny. So rigorously demanding of the world and himself that he has lost the power to sleep, he is driving himself and his wife to distraction.

“Insomnia turns Chomsky’s politics inward—at what point, Insomnia asks, do healthy skepticism and reasonable doubt turn into paranoia and paralysis? Unfolding in a series of ever more surreal vignettes, Insomnia employs a powerful brand of non-linear, disorienting story-telling that skillfully focuses an audience’s attention.”
-NOW Magazine

“…an impressively theatrical nightcap with which to neurotically toast the millennium.”
-Toronto Star

About the Authors
Daniel Brooks is an accomplished director, writer, actor, and teacher, considered to be at the forefront of Canada’s new generation of theatre artists. Co-artistic director of da da kamera and founder of the Augusta Company, he is a recipient of the Pauline McGibbon award for outstanding direction, the Edinburgh Fringe First award, two Chalmers awards
for new Canadian plays, and three Dora Mavor Moore awards.

Guillermo Verdecchia is a writer, director, and actor whose work has been seen and heard across Canada and around the world. The author or co-author of, among other works, Fronteras Americanus, The Noam Chomsky Lectures (with Daniel Brooks), and A Line in the Sand (with Marcus Youssef), he is a recipient of the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, a four-time winner of the Chalmers Canadian Play Award, as well as a recipient of Dora, Jessie, and various film festival awards.

96pp 5.5 x 8.5 in