I Was a Teenage Playwright


The First Ten Years of the Scirocco/MAP Manitoba High School Playwriting Competition

Edited by Angus Kohm

About the book

More than fifty new plays have been developed and presented by the Scirocco/MAP Manitoba High School Playwriting Competition to date. This collection will give you a sample of what teenage playwrights have been thinking, dreaming, and writing about over the past ten years. You’ll see: suicide, love, prejudice, death, poverty, drug addiction, bad parents, psychotherapy, first dates, dumb mistakes, professional hockey, famous dead people—and more! From laugh-out-loud comedies to serious, angry, social dramas, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you are looking for a short play to produce at your school, festival, or theatre—or you just want to get a glimpse into the minds of aspiring young writers, I Was A Teenage Playwright is your ticket to drama that is young, vibrant, edgy, exciting, and never restrained by the regulations and expectations of a grown up theatre world. Read it if you dare!


DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
182pp 5.5 x 8.5 in