Dry Streak


Leeann Minogue

Finalist for the Saskatchewan First Book Award

About the Book

Hot. Burning hot. In the dry, hot summer of 1988, Kate, a young urban woman moves with her boyfriend to his family’s Saskatchewan farm. A world-travelled vegetarian who listens to punk rock, she is not exactly the kind of girl John Richards’ parents had thought he would bring home. After months of unrelenting heat, dust and the endless complaints of everyone around her, Kate makes a very public promise: if only the drought will break, she’ll run naked through the streets of town. Now the media is running the story and things are about to get interesting in Stony Valley, Saskatchewan.


“Minogue has created a critic-proof play.”
—Saskatoon Star Phoenix

“Though the play is uproariously funny, it also makes poignant points about families and priorities and change and home, and viewers will leave simultaneously thinking about these deeper issues and chuckling about their favourite moments from the play. Dry Streak represents a great achievement for the arts in Saskatchewan, and it is well worth the time to visit Stony Valley. And make sure you pray for rain.”
—The Sheaf

About the Author

Leeann Minogue lives on a grain farm in south-eastern Saskatchewan, five miles south of Griffin, with her husband, Brad Barlow, their dog Angus, and two identical cats. Dry Streak is her first full-length play.

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
96 pp, 5.5 x 8.5 in