Diary of a Trademark


Ian Stephens

Diary of a Trademark is a raw, powerful book that explores life on the edge. Like Dante, Stephens takes us through hell. This contemporary hell is filled witht eh screams and tears of human beings trapped in a world that is and is not of their own making. Stephens writes about sorrow, disease, sex, killers, money, mutiny, hope, nobility, death, and the movies called life.

“Ian Stephens seems the sort of man who isn’t afraid of taking risks. There seems an honest brutality to the work, tempered by compassion and grief. He isn’t out to shock, but this isn’t writing for the meek or morally righteous, pushing and pushing hard until you can’t not listen anymore. And his is a voice to listen to.” –Ottawa Xpress

Ian Stephens, poet, singer in various “underground” Montreal bands (DaFP, Red Shift, Wining Dining Drilling), has worked as a journalist, model, boucheron, body-guard, and countless other jobs.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
112pp 6 x 9 in