Chapel Arm


Step Taylor

About the book

Jamie and his fiancée Bev are doing just fine in their basement apartment in Chapel Arm, Newfoundland. Bev works as a beautician, Jamie has a job as a “dick-picker” at the local fish plant—and the young couple are expecting a baby. But when Jamie’s childhood sweetheart, Dodi, returns unexpectedly from the mainland, their small-town world is rocked. Complicating matters is Dodi’s alcoholic uncle Art, who has just torched the house he’s been living in—and everyone in town knows he did it. The characters navigate their way through a minefield of love, obsession, sex, loyalty, and betrayal as they seek to reconcile the past with their present reality. The raw emotion of Chapel Arm is balanced with a full measure of Newfoundland humour, and a powerful sense of language. Step Taylor is an authentic new voice in Canadian drama, and Chapel Arm is an astonishing accomplishment.

“A darkly complex and challenging homecoming drama.” —ARTSnews

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
96pp 5.5 x 8.5 in