Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures


Mark Crawford

About the book

Deep in Simon’s basement, there is a secret world of imagination and adventure. When his new friend Abby comes over after school to work on a class assignment, Simon steers their work toward creating a play. However, Simon’s older brother, Zach, is uneasy with their play-acting and dressing up…because, as he reveals to Abby, Simon wishes to be a girl.

As the three characters struggle through their conflicts, they improvise a fairy tale about a magic prince, an evil king, a brave young girl, and a fire-breathing dragon who’s getting more real by the minute. Can Abigail save Princess Simone from the Tower of Light? Will Zach succeed in turning his brother back into being a boy once and for all? And will Simon overcome fear and finally become their true self? Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures is a thoughtful and hilarious new play about our ability to transform.

“Bravo to Mark Crawford for writing such an important play, and addressing gender issues so sensitively.” —Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

About the author

Mark Crawford is an actor and playwright. His plays Stag and Doe, Bed and Breakfast, and The Birds and the Bees are published by Scirocco Drama. All three of these plays have been seen on stage from coast to coast. His latest play, The New Canadian Curling Club, premiered at the Blyth Festival in 2018. As an actor, Mark has performed with theatre companies across Canada. He grew up on his family’s farm near Glencoe, Ontario, and he now lives in Stratford.

74pp, 5.5 x 8.5 in