Better Angels: A Parable and Eating Pomegranates Naked


Andrea Scott

About the book

In Better Angels: A Parable, Akosua Mansa leaves Ghana to work for Greg and Leila Tate in the tony suburbs of a metropolitan city. But she soon finds herself in an impossible situation: like more than forty million people, she’s become trapped in modern-day slavery. Taking cues from the spider god, Anansi, Akosua will take her destiny into her own hands.

“Tight, taut writing…Better Angels tells a hard story with style and a twist.”—Lynn Slotkin, CUIT 89.5

Eating Pomegranates Naked examines two couples and their single frenemy as they scratch the surface of their relationships over too much wine. What do infertility, religion, toxoplasmosis, and ice-cream have to do with Tulipmania? Maybe more than you think.

“Brassy, fearless, and pitch-black… Scott’s provocatively titled drama concerns two couples, one of them biracial, and adds religion to the incendiary ingredients.” —The Globe and Mail

About the author

Andrea Scott is an actor, playwright, and producer. After completing a year in the Obsidian Theatre Playwright Unit, her play Eating Pomegranates Naked was accepted into the SummerWorks Festival, where it won the RBC Arts Professional award, was named Outstanding Ensemble, and won for Outstanding Production. Better Angels: A Parable also won the SummerWorks Theatre award for Production and was recognized as Outstanding New Play. Don’t Talk to Me Like I’m Your Wife won the 2016 Cayle Chernin Award for Theatre prior to a successful SummerWorks run. Andrea has also written Frenemies and Princesses Don’t Grow on Trees, two plays for young audiences. Andrea lives in Toronto.

DRA0130000 Drama/Canadian
152pp, 5.5 x 8.5 in
Better Angels: A Parable: 2F/1M; Eating Pomegranates Naked: 3F/2M