Beside Myself


Jennifer Wynne Webber

About the Book
Hally, a recent widow, leaves her home in Saskatchewan to live on a sailboat off the coast of British Columbia. With the help of the ancient myth of Halcyon, particle physics, and the ghost of her husband Wade, Hally finds strength she never knew she possessed.

“In bygone medicine, a ‘physic’ was a cathartic, a purge, a cure. Jennifer Wynne Webber’s impassioned and intelligent play, Beside Myself, finds the physic in ‘physics’ and makes the science of matter a great deal more. Hally is a recently widowed physicist. Wade is her young, vital-and recently deceased-husband. Following Wade’s premature death, Hally purgers her old life to make way for the new. In the process, she is forced to challenge immutable laws of human nature and place in a laboratory the mechanics of the human heart. This is a compelling debut by a confident new voice in Canadian theatre.” –Raymond Storey

“Webber brings the notion of physics into the story carefully and gradually, taking care not to lose the audience in the theorizing. At the same time, she doesn’t flinch from getting deep into the topic of things like quantum wave functions, the idea that the simple act of observing something changes that which is observed and the notion of multiplerealities co-existing.”
–Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

About the Author
Jennifer Wynne Webber is a writer and actor currently based in Saskatoon. Her first novel, Defying Gravity, was released in 2000 and received positive reviews across the country as well as a nomination for Saskatchewan’s Book of the Year. Also a journalist, Webber worked for over a dozen years for CBC Television News in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Beside Myself is her first play.

DRA13000 Drama/Canadian
72pp 5.5 x 8.5 in