Bannock Republic


Kenneth T. Williams

About the book

Find out what yoga, residential schools and the missing thirteenth floors have in common in the new comedy by Kenneth T. Williams. Bannock Republic reunites the cousins Jacob and Isaac Thunderchild 10 years after the mayhem of Thunderstick. This time, a beautiful and vengeful third-party manager will wreak havoc with their lives. Jacob is working as a video journalist and barely clinging to his sobriety. Isaac is now chief of their reserve and trying to get the band out of debt. Destiny Charles, appointed to take over the band’s finances, will make Jacob and Isaac realize that some secrets are better left buried.

“Bannock Republic is deep and meaningful, deadly serious and hard-hitting. At the same time, it’s uproariously funny.” —Saskatoon Star-Phoenix


DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
96pp 5.5 x 8.5 in