AirPlay: An Anthology of CBC Radio Drama


Edited by Dave Carley

About the book

The five exciting new dramas in AirPlay have all been featured on CBC Radio’s Sunday Showcase and Monday Night Playhouse, proof that radio drama is thriving on Canada’s public network. Lorre Jensen’s “The Mercy Quilt” is a touchingly humourous portrait of a quartet of elderly native women who must deal with the memory lapses of one of their number— without causing her to lose face. “Mourning Dove” by Emil Sher is a highly-acclaimed drama based on a real-life mercy-killing and gives unprecedented voice to the concerns of the disabled. In “Stop Talking Like That,” we fly from Thunder Bay to Australia’s Ayer’s Rock at the drop of a sound cue, in a wild outpouring from Judith Thompson’s fantastic imagination. George F. Walker trains his satiric guns on the movie business in “How to Make Love to an Actor.” It’s a wicked and very telling take on the big egos lurking behind the big screen. And Rachel Wyatt dramatizes a much-loved Canadian novel, Crackpot by Adele Wiseman, the story of a Winnipeg prostitute with a heart the size of the prairies.

See also Where Is Here? A CBC Radio Drama Anthology (Vol. II), edited by Damiano Pietropaolo.

About the editor

Dave Carley is a Toronto-based playwright, screenwriter, and editor. His plays have had over three hundred productions across Canada, the US, and in a dozen countries around the world. The Last Liberal (Scirocco Drama, 2006) is his latest published play. Dave has been playwright-in-residence at the Stratford Festival and the Barrington Stage Company in Massachusetts. In 2000, he was presented with the Arthur Miller Playwriting Award.

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