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Posted November 13, 2023

Darla Contois TIFA Presents 2023 GGBooks Drama Finalists in Conversation

Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 10 am EST

TIFA is proud to present the five #GGBooks2023 Drama category finalists in panel conversation, with moderator Ash Knight, about their nominated books, motivations and the process of transforming stories from page to stage.

Actor and playwright Cliff Cardinal’s one-man show As You Like It cleverly destabilizes the audience’s expectations of an evening of Shakespeare to present a direct satirical monologue deconstructing the Land Acknowledgement. With the stylistically inventive The War Being Waged, playwright Darla Contois tells the story of three generations of Indigenous women as they fight to protect community and their loved ones on battlefields at home and abroad. Forgiveness is the acclaimed 2018 Canada Reads–winning novel by Mark Sakamoto about his grandparents during the Second World War, adapted by the renowned actor and playwright Hiro Kanagawa. In The Enchanted Loom by Suvendrini Lena, a Toronto-based Sri Lankan family deals with the ripple effects of civil war and cope with their physical and emotional wounds, while asking which is more painful: to remember or to forget? Award-winning novelist, playwright and director Jordan Tannahill created Is My Microphone On? for Canadian Stage, with an ensemble cast of 12–17-year-olds who call adults to account for the world the youth have inherited.