Three Sisters


Bruce McManus

About the book

110 years after its Moscow premiere, Bruce McManus weaves a prairie story from the threads of the original—faithful to the tragic comedy of Chekhov’s characters in an environment often hostile to dreams. He gives us a play about the Canadian prairie experience at a time when the nation and our place in the world were on the brink of great change.

“Under Christopher Brauer’s skilled direction, the A-list cast mines the complex characters for their full worth, and creates some arresting scenes on stagee: a lonely young woman spinning with a pinwheel in hand, alone on New Year’s Eve; a man’s heart silently breaking as he comes face-to-face with betrayal; Masha’s quiet isolation as she watches the world burn around her.”—CBC Radio


DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
82pp 5.5 x 8.5 in