Why Women Bury Men: The Longevity Gap in Canada


About the Book
Because they live, on average, six years longer than men, most women will spend the last years of their lives alone. Biologically, women are the stronger sex, but the six-year difference in longevity has less to do with biology than with lifestyle. Why Women Bury Men looks at the risk factors for the leading causes of death in Canada—smoking, heavy drinking, over-eating, and careless driving—and finds men are over-represented. Socialized to be risk-takers, men make lifestyle choices that lead to premature death and take away precious years of active life gained with each new generation.

“Murphy’s examination of the longevity gap is at the same time thoroughly documented, tightly argued and tersely presented.”
—Winnipeg Free Press

About the Author
Barbara Murphy, an Ottawa writer and social policy consultant, writes about social issues affecting Canadians. Her other books, On the Street: How We Created the Homeless (2000), The Ugly Canadian: The Rise and Fall of a Caring Society (1998), and Eating the Wedding Gifts: Lean Years After Marriage Break-Up also covered issues that affect the social structure of Canadian society.

SOC032000 Social Science/Gender Studies
144pp, 5.5 x 8.5 in