Daniel MacIvor

About the book

Vic and Kat were the stars of iconic 90s punk band, Trigger. A decade or so after both the band and their friendship imploded on stage, they meet again to make an appearance at a fundraiser—provided, of course, that they can stand being near each other again. In a single night, they crash through their past, their respective addictions, their fears, and their remaining aspirations, each longing in a way for “when we were pure…when we were perfect” while knowing all the while that there isn’t a chance in hell of getting that feeling back…

Trigger is a fiercely personal and philosophical clash between two women, a battle between ideologies, lifestyles—and between memories and the present. Scirocco Drama is proud to launch its entry into screenplay publishing with the filmscript of this acclaimed movie, directed by Bruce McDonald and starring Molly Parker and Tracy Wright.

About the author

Daniel MacIvor was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He is the author and director of numerous award-winning theatre productions including See Bob Run, Wild Abandon, 2-2-Tango, This Is A Play, The Soldier Dreams, You Are Here, How It Works, A Beautiful View, Communion, and Bingo! From 1987 to 2007 with Sherrie Johnson he ran da da kamera, a respected international touring company that brought his work to Australia, the UK and extensively throughout the US and Canada. With long time collaborator Daniel Brooks, he created the solo performances House, Here Lies Henry, Monster, Cul-de-sac and This Is What Happens Next. Daniel won a GLAAD Award and a Village Voice Obie Award in 2002 for his play In On It, which was presented at PS 122 in New York. In 2006, Daniel received the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama for his collection of plays I Still Love You. In 2008, he was awarded the prestigious Siminovitch Prize in Theatre.


DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
150pp 5.5 x 8.5 in