Timothy Findley’s The Wars


Dennis Garnhum, Based on the novel by Timothy Findley

About the book

This highly theatrical adaptation of Timothy Findley’s classic novel traces the brutal coming of age of Robert Ross—a sensitive idealist who goes off to the Great War in 1915. Ross, who has a fondness for animals and shares a strong bond with his wheelchair-bound sister, trades his comfortable surroundings in Canada for the nightmare world of trench warfare. We watch Ross’s slow unravelling as he moves from home to train to barracks and finally, to the mud, smoke, and chlorine gas of the front line in France. With death and dying everywhere around him, Ross makes a desperate attempt to show his faith in life. Cruelty, heroism, terror and honour—The Wars takes us deep inside the mind of a soldier and straight onto the bloody battlefield.

“Horror has a habit of lurking just beneath a placid surface and that’s what makes The Wars so poignant.”
Vancouver Sun

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
112pp 5.5 x 8.5 in