this is a small northern town


Rosanna Deerchild

Winner of the 2008 Aqua Books Lansdowne Prize for Poetry

This is a small northern town is the long awaited, first full-length collection of poems by Rosanna Deerchild. These are poems about what it means to be from the north; a town divided along colour lines; and a family dealing with its history of secrets. At its core, this collection is about the life of a Cree girl and the places she finds comfort and escape.“What this northern girl pulls to the surface, kicking and screaming, is nothing less than magic. Like the mining town of her childhood, these poems blast away our inner-most vulnerability, making way for love and light. But there is nothing shattered here—there is simply a dangerous girl the colour of gold. Stunning!” —Gregory Scofield

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
64pp 6 x 9 in