The Ugly Canadian: The Rise and Fall of a Caring Society


Barbara Murphy

About the Book
Who’s to blame for the decline of Canada’s once-renowned social programs? This book argues that it’s not the politicians, not big business (glorifying the free market), but Canadians in general. It provides compelling evidence of our loss of compassion during the last quarter of the twentieth century and our new demands for a harsher approach toward less fortunate Canadians, a harshness reminiscent of the century’s early years. In the interim we supported progressive social policies that set us apart in North America. Today we disown them and have become less attractive Canadians in the process.

“This is a no-nonsense end-of-the-century assessment of Canada’s social standing that won’t make anybody glow with national pride.”
—Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

About the Author
Barbara Murphy, an Ottawa writer and social policy consultant, writes about social issues affecting Canadians. Her other books, On the Street: How We Created the Homeless (2000), The Ugly Canadian: The Rise and Fall of a Caring Society (1998), and Eating the Wedding Gifts: Lean Years After Marriage Break-Up also covered issues that affect the social structure of Canadian society.

POL029000 Political Science/Social Policy
160 pp 5.5 x 8.5 in