The Miser of Middlegate


Carolyn Gray

About the Book

Set in modern day Winnipeg, Gray’s inspired version of Moliere’s classic satire is part sex farce and part screwball comedy. Exploring family, love and money, The Miser of Middlegate sharply critiques our culture obsessed with acquisition and never loses its sense of humour.

A cheeky and irreverent romp into the lives of one entrepreneurial Winnipeg family.


“… genuinely laugh-out-loud funny from script to staging to performance. Witty, energetic, mildly racy and well-paced … delightfully subversive.” –The Winnipeg Review

“All the tropes of the genre are here – inappropriately-timed entrances resulting in comical misunderstandings, cross-dressing, sexual innuendo and door slamming aplenty.” –CBC Radio

“Gray and director Krista Jackson throw in a sublime screwball scene hat is untouchable by even hardcore naysayers of the genre. The family-meets-daughter’s-fiancé-for the-first-time dinner is a visual feast, ridiculously wacky and wondrous.” –Winnipeg Free Press

DRA0130000 Drama/Canadian
96pp 5.5 x 8.5 in
2F/3M, doubling