The Beautiful Chemical Waltz: Selected Poems


About the Book

“Every city has a poet who inhabits its heart and is somehow its resident spirit. He or she may not be the most public of that city’s poets, but more than the visible ones, holds the secrets in a clandestine sort of way…It long ago struck me that the poet of English Montreal who best exemplified the city’s soul was Artie Gold…Unusual and sometimes brilliant images rise out of a poetic voice that manages to stay close to speech and yet sound absolutely individual.”—Allo Books

About the Author

Artie Gold was born in Brockville, ON. He was raised in Montreal and continues to live there. He was involved with the influential Vehicule Poets—a group known for Dadaist/experimental writing and performance works.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
80 pp 6 x 9 in