Tasting the Dark New and Selected Poems


George Amabile

About the Book
Since the first collection of poems appeared in 1972, George Amabile has quietly become one of our country’s most accomplished poets. Tasting the Dark presents a choice selection of his best work over the years and a substantial collection of his new poems. These are poems that open up and reach out, hungry to taste their fill of light as well as darkness, to taste grief and joy and rage and beauty – and to speak of it all with eloquent and sensuous precision.Selected poems include Amabile’s deeply moving and now famous elegy “Accidental Death,” the shocking childhood memoir “First Kill,” the complete suite of his lyrical “Anima” poems, and numerous other works. By turns funny, profound, and heartbreaking, this collection is hot with passion for life. The new poems collected here show Amabile at the height of his powers. Amabile observes his world with a combination of fierce wit and powerful tenderness, all shot through with magical imagery in the glass antlers of iced branches in winter, a child dancing to the music of a waterfall, a flock of red balloons cut loose by a machete.

“A remarkable writer, Amabile provides us with a key to a larger understanding of the male ethos, something few male writers have attempted to do with such openness and honesty.”
—Patrick Lane

“Amabile is a well-established poet in firm possession of his own voice.”
—Stephen Scobie

“A confident polish, thoughfulness, charm, consistency and a rare good sense.”
—Kristjana Gunnars

“Celebration and amazement are sustained by a harmonious balance of thought.”
—Manuel de Jesus Valasquez Leon

“Just as with Rembrandt’s self-portraits over the course of his painting career, so it is with Amabile: it is the continuity within change that is fascinating, the way a certain development could not actually have been predicted but, once there, feels natural, selfevident.”
—Christopher Levenson

“Amabile is a master.”

About the Author
George Amabile is the author of six collections of poetry and has been published in over 100 anthologies and magazines, such as The New Yorker, Harper’s, and Saturday Night.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
160pp 6 x 9 in