Stealing Mercury


Lori Cayer

About the Book
Lori Cayer’s poems perform a kind of surgery, exposing the blind, interior terrain of the human body, navigating its hidden “forests and silt deposits,” and peeling back the layers of family life until we can see the “glistening knot of bone” beneath. These poems are about risk-takers: a daring boy who climbs the high roof of a church, a young woman who discovers the strength of her desire in a drop of poison mercury, a lover who makes a difficult choice about her sexuality, a daughter who must learn to forgive. The collection culminates in an edgy, powerful sequence about a mother who must let go of her son to let him live his dangerous life on his own dangerous terms. These poems capture the raw essence of physical being, as Cayer explores her themes through the beauty of the body, its hunger, its power, and its terrible vulnerability.

“Cayer is simply a dazzling and talented poet. We are sure to hear a lot more about her and to take special pleasure in the remarkable force of her writing. This book will astonish and delight you.”
-Dennis Cooley

About the Author
Lori Cayer has made Winnipeg her home for most of her life. Her work has appeared in several literary journals and one anthology. She was a member of the editorial collective of CV2 for many years and served as chair of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild. Stealing Mercury is her first collection.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
96pp 6 x 9 in