Sleepwalking Among the Camels: New and Selected Poems


Tom Konyves

About the Book
Tom Konyves’ Sleepwalking Among the Camels includes compelling selections from his groundbreaking books No Parking (1978), Poetry in Performance (1982), and Ex Perimeter(1988) as well as a section of exciting new work. A must read for lovers of Canadian Surrealism.

“Konyves is after large collaborations: between sight and sound, form and content, environment and art, poetry and technology, conception and performance, the audience and poet. Removing words from a linear context is part of Konyves’ war of imagination against rationalism: war against any hard line, political or artistic, which is exclusive or divisive.”
—Books in Review

About the Author
Tom Konyves was born in Budapest, Hungary. He is a video producer currently living in BC. Based in Montreal until 1983, his poetry has evolved from his mid-seventies association with the Vehicule Poets to the reflective and almost delicate work created in the later Vancouver poems. He coined the term “video poetry” to describe his multimedia work. His works include Poetry in Performance (The Muses’ Company) and Ex Perimeter.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
112 pp 6 x 9 in