Singing Bone


Katherine Bitney

About the Book
Singing Bone strides across the boundaries of conventional cosmology to bring us a truly original vision of our world. Bitney takes us back through the genealogy of the imagination, revisiting and revising the ancient fireside legends of the human race in poems that explore the nature of creation—the space between sleep and dreaming, the music and geometry of the physical world, the spirit that never ceass to move us to sing as we tumble through time.

“Hers is a visionary poetry where to gather around the women’s fire is not to stop at the hearth, but to rise to the holy.”
—Mary di Michele

“…cerebral and playful.”
—Prairie Fire

About the Author
Katharine Bitney was born in England, grew up in Saskatchewan, and has lived in Winnipeg since 1971. A founder of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and Prairie Fire, Bitney is the author of While You Were Out and Heart and Stone.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
88 pp 6 x 9 in