Sigfusson’s Roads


Svein Sigfusson

Winner of the Business Book of the Year Award

About the Book
Here was a man who had done it all with winter roads. Here was the spark plug that drove a work force of over 400 men deep into the wilderness of northwestern Ontario and northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Sigfusson Transportation Company built a winter road system like no other on earth—stretching 3,560 miles into the dead of winter. Rather than have Sigfusson gain a hard-earned profit by building and operating a winter road freighting system annually at no cost to society, the governments of the day in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario each were successful in putting the company out of business.

“…now that the dust has settled, a hole in the Canadian Charter of Rights has been exposed by Svein Sigfusson.”
—Kenneth M. Adam

About the Author
Svein Sigfusson risked his life to build these roads. After risking so much and ultimately getting the job done, Sigfusson tells how the government shut him down. This hardworking and fascinating man gives us an honest retelling of the events; he gives us his life story.

CHP000139 Biography & Autobiography/Transportation
272pp 6 x 9 in