Allen Cole

About the book

Allen Cole’s extraordinarily powerful musical adaptation of Frank Parker Day’s classic novel is a theatrical tour-de-force. Filled with passion, tragedy spiked with humour, and conflict, Rockbound is an epic exploration of unrequited love and unbridled greed.

David Jung, an orphan possessing a dreamy optimism and a love for the unspoken promises of the night sky, comes to Rockbound to claim his small portion of the harsh island. He finds himself plunged into a narrow and unforgiving world ruled by his uncle Uriah, a stern and righteous despot.

The inhabitants of the island’s lonely shores have to fight for survival. David, too, struggles against the sea and even against his own heart. But inevitably, David comes to stand in opposition to his Jung relatives and their ambitions for money and power.


“Allen Cole has written and composed a fascinating, blood-stirring epic.”
Halifax Chronicle-Herald

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
110pp 5.5 x 8.5 in
4F/7M, doubling, 3 musicians