Report on the 2nd Half of the Twentieth Century, Books 12-15


Ken Norris

About the Book
As the twentieth century comes to a close, Ken Norris continues to file his lyrical reports in a way that defines poetry as “the art / of the possible.” This installment (Books 12-15) includes “The Book of Fire,” “Island Stars,” “Tenor” and “The Concertos.” Some of these poems play with fire, some bring the tropical beauty of Fiji and Tonga alive, and some send up prayers for solace at the end of a frightening century. Both musical and documentary, Norris’s work creates a vision of the poet as observer and as scribe, “taking down a letter to a loved one, / the world.”

About the Author
Ken Norris is a widely published and nationally acclaimed poet. He teaches Canadian Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Maine. He currently divides his time between Canada, Maine, and the Caribbean.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
96 pp 6 x 9 in