Quotidian Fever: New and Selected Poems 1974–2007


Endre Farkas

The evolution of Farkas’s poetry since he began writing illuminates one of Montreal’s key literary figures, first, as one of the Vehicule poets of the 1970s, an experimental group of writers bent on celebrating life and pushing the boundaries of their craft and, later, as one profoundly aware of his role as a poet engaged with the world, one with a social conscience and a moral obligation to speak about it.

“One of the reasons for my liking of Endre Farkas’s poems is that he writes a new book each time. Another reason is that he takes important subjects for these books. So if you were not lucky enough to be here from the start, this book is what they used to call a godsend. Here is a guy who worked diligently for several decades and suddenly became a star in the pantheon of Montreal poets. He’s easy to read—like the look in a wolf’s eye.”
—George Bowering

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
208pp 6 x 9 in