Dave Carley

About the Book

Orchidelirium is a hothouse hybrid of fact and fiction, research and hypothesis, scent and sex. The name of the flower itself is derived from the Greek word ‘orchis,’ meaning testis. Through their resemblance to human and animal sexual organs, orchids were thought to stimulate lust. In fact, it was long believed that the flowers sprang from the spilled semen of mating animals. For the Victorian Alice O’Keefe, who established one of America’s great collections of orchids (before venturing into flora introduction), the delirium leads to environmental disaster. For Frances O’Keefe, the hothouse her ancestry built and which she fiercely protects will once again fill with the flower of legend—and orchidelirium.


“Dave Carley has never been one to shy away from unusual subject matter. His new play Orchidelirium plunges us into the hothouse world of the orchid-obsessed … It is a rich and satisfying evening of whimsy.”
-Toronto Star

About the Author

Dave Carley is one of Canada’s most produced playwrights. In addition to Orchidelirium, Scirocco Drama has published is Dave Carley: Three Plays (2003). He is also the author of Walking on Water, After You, and Taking Liberties. He has adapted a novel by Margaret Atwood (The Edible Woman), a collection of stories by Helen Weinzweig (A View From the Roof), and written a number of radio plays that have been broadcast nationally on CBC. He has also edited two anthologies of radio plays, Take Five and AirPlay. In 2000, Dave received the Arthur Miller Playwriting Award from the University of Michigan, and he has won a number of other national and international awards for his writing. His latest play is The Last Liberal (Scirocco Drama).

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
96pp 5.5 x 8.5 in