Muse On!


Muse On!: The Muses’ Company Anthology, 1980-1995

Ruth Taylor, editor

About the Book

For many years The Muses’ Company was the poetic voice of English-language poets in Quebec. No Canadian poetry bookshelf will be complete without this anthology, which features poems by Endre Farkas, Artie Gold, Ken Norris, Elias Letelier-Ruz, Tom Konyves, and more. This collection showcases The Muses’ Company poets at their best, with works that range from the lyric and mythic to the political, comic, and surreal. For the first time Muse On! brings together these poets and their work in a celebration of diversity, craft, and artistic accomplishment.

About the Author

Ruth Taylor was born in Lachine, Quebec in 1961. She earned her BA in English Literature from McGill University and her Master’s in Creative Writing from Concordia University. The author of three poetry collections, The Drawing Board (1988), The Dragon Papers (1994), which was a finalist for the A.M. Klein prize for poetry, and Comet Wine (2007), Taylor was an active participant in Montreal’s literary scene from 1979 until her death in 2006.


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