Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks

Finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Drama

About the Book
Monster, a one-man play, begins in the total darkness of a movie theatre. After a long silence, someone in the audience rudely shushes his neighbour, and the show begins. Daniel MacIvor transforms himself into a series of characters whose lives seem eerily related. There’s the young boy who tells the story of the neighbour lad who hacked up his father in the basement. There are alcoholic Al and shiny Janine, the lovers who quarrel, make up, and decide to marry after seeing a movie about a lad who … well, same thing. There’s the ex-drunk who dreamed up the movie, but got no credit because he was said to have stolen the idea from a famous unfinished film, a claim that so angered him that he went back on the sauce. And there’s the movie maker who made that incomplete epic.” -Philadelphia Inquirer

“…immensely clever.”
—Irish Times

About the Authors
Daniel MacIvor has been creating theatre since 1986. He is a writer, performer, director, producer, and artistic director of da da kamera. His plays include See Bob Run, Wile Abandon, Never Swim Alone, 2-2 Tango, House, Here Lies Henry, and The Soldier Dreams. His plays have toured extensively throughout Canada, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Daniel Brooks is an accomplished director, writer, actor, and teacher, considered to be at the forefront of Canada’s new generation of theatre artists. Co-artistic director of da da kamera and founder of the Augusta Company, he is a recipient of the Pauline McGibbon award for outstanding direction, the Edinburgh Fringe First award, two Chalmers awards for new Canadian plays, and three Dora Mavor Moore awards.

Drama 1m
64pp 5.5 x 8.5 in