Mapping the Soul: Selected Poems 1978-1998


Stephen Morrissey

About the Book
The poetry of Stephen Morrissey belongs to the vibrant tradition of Canadian poetry that has evolved through generations of English-speaking poets in Quebec. Morrissey’s concern isn’t merely to chronicle but rather to explore and define his own personal experience so that it becomes transmuted into archetype, meaning, spiritual vision, and soul.

“Morrissey’s lines of stainless steel gleam with a dangerous, piercing beauty.”
—Books in Canada

“…Morrissey’s inward-looking voice is immediately engaging and intensely personal. Mapping the Soul is a significant volume by a major Canadian poet. It is also a book that any reader of contemporary poetry will find rewarding and satisfying.”
—Dalhousie Review

About the Author
Stephen Morrissey was born in Montreal. He has edited two literary magazines, What Is, a journal of experimental poetry, and The Montreal Journal of Poetics. He is founding editor of Coracle Press and publishes on-line poetry chapbooks. He teaches English and Humanities at Champlain College, Montreal. His works include The Trees of Unknowing and Family Album.

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