Jake's Gift


Julia Mackey

About the book

While revisiting the shores of Juno Beach, Jake, a Canadian World War II veteran, encounters a precocious ten yearold from the local village. Isabelle’s inquisitive nature challenges the old soldier to confront some long-ignored ghosts—most notably, the wartime death of his eldest brother. By revealing the very personal story behind one soldier’s grave, Jake’s Gift takes us to the heart of remembrance.


“If I could give this play six stars, I would.” —Saskatoon Star Phoenix

“This is a jewel of a show you simply can’t afford to miss.” —Calgary Sun

“Jake’s Gift is the most theatrically pure show I have ever seen.” —CBC Winnipeg

About the author

Julia Mackey was born in Birmingham, England. When she was three years old her family moved to Canada. She grew up in Beaconsfield, Quebec. After graduating with a B.Ed from McGill University, Julia moved to Victoria, BC, to pursue a more creative life. It was there she met and trained with artist Robert Osborne, who introduced her to the world of theatre. Soon after, she
started writing and performing with the acclaimed theatre troupe Theatre SKAM. In 2007, Julia and her partner and director, Dirk Van Stralen, created Juno Productions. To date, they have toured Jake’s Gift to over 185 communities across Canada. When not on the road, Julia splits her time between Vancouver and Wells, B.C.

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
52pp 5.5 x 8.5 in