In the Worshipful Company of Skinners


Endre Farkas

About the Book
Drawing on his research into the journals of early Canadian fur traders, poet Endre Farkas has crafted an imaginative account of one man’s transformation in the strange land that becomes his home. Beginning with the narrator’s harrowing sea voyage from the Orkney Islands to Newfoundland, and ending with his uneasy retirement in Montreal, this fictionalized journal describes the “crackling swirls” of the Northern Lights and the “silver threads” of rushing rivers, lists the business transactions of the all mighty Company, and recounts everyday life in the fur trade, from celebratory nights of feasting and fire water, to catastrophic periods of famine, disease, and slaughter. This is a story of the unexpected change that comes over a man as he witnesses the beauty and hardship, compassion and cruelty, ambition and exploitation that forged a nation.

About the Author
Endre Farkas was born in Hajdunánás, Hungary in 1948 to survivors of the Holocaust. Along with his parents, he escaped Hungary during the 1956 revolution and has lived in Quebec ever since. He is a poet who has had eight collections of poetry published, Surviving Words is the one that this play has been adapted from. Farkas has been collaborating with artists from other disciplines for over twenty years and many of his performance pieces have toured across Canada.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
96pp 6 x 9 in