I Volunteered: Canadian Vietnam Vets Remember


Tracey Arial

About the Book
Everyone knows that Canada sheltered over 30,000 Americans escaping the draft, but not many are aware that for every draft dodger, a Canadian illegally volunteered to fight for the U.S. armed forces in Vietnam. Canadians turned a blind eye to them. Both the Canadian government and the average Canadian chose not to admit that we had any part in America’s dirty war. The Canadian volunteers were the invisible army. Those who returned were shunned or forgotten. “I Volunteered” is their story.

I Volunteered fills a significant gap in Canada’s military history—I strongly recommend it.”
—Esprit de Corps

About the Author
Tracey Arial is a Montreal-based freelance journalist who specializes in profiling ordinary Canadians who have unique experiences. Her work has appeared in the Plattsburgh Press-Republic, Montreal Business Magazine, Toronto Star, Kitchener-Waterloo Record, The Financial Post, and the Montreal Gazette.

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240 pp 6 x 9 in