High Sticking


Mark Brownell

About the book

High Sticking, a collection of four short plays about hockey, explores the Canadian passion for the sport…as well as some of our other national obsessions! In Coach Kingston Tells It Like It Is, the coach educates a minor hockey dad on the importance of anger, hatred, loathing, giving 115% and the immortal soul. Eleanor, St. Etheldrum’s own 14-year-old field hockey goon, ruminates on the finer points of the game from her vantage point in the penalty box. In Life Without Gretzky, an Edmonton performance artist mourns The Great One’s retirement. And Table Top features the first-ever table-top hockey brawl, as an Anglophone Leafs fan, a Francophone Habs fan, and an American Rangers fan discover many points of contention… along with an enduring love for the “Big Board.”

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
80pp 5.5 x 8.5 In