High Life


Lee MacDougall

Winner of the Dora Award for Outstanding New Play

Finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Drama

Finalist for the Floyd S. Chalmer’s Award

About the Book

High Life is a shocking portrait of addiction and criminal life. Four addicts—three exconvicts and a young recruit—plan the ultimate bank heist. Together they dream of one last big score, one that will keep them flying on morphine, if only they don’t kill each other first—or die laughing.


“…remarkably tight and assured … walking a knife edge between humour and horror.”
-The Globe and Mail

About the Author

Actor Lee MacDougall has performed in theatres all across Canada. He has spent four seasons with the Stratford Festival, three with the Shaw Festival, and he has appeared at a number of regional theatres. Lee received a Tyrone Guthrie Award from the Stratford Festival for the development of High Life, and it was voted the Outstanding New Play at the 1996 Dora Awards.

Drama 4m
96pp 5.5 x 8.5 in