Yasuhiko Ohashi, Translated by M. Cody Poulton

About the Book

It’s a parents’ nightmare: Mr. and Mrs. Ichinose disapprove of their daughter Yayoi’s fiancé. The problem is, he’s Godzilla! The chaos that results from the lovers’ announcement to marry is hard on the Ichinose family…and their car…and their entire town. With Grandmother Ichinose to provide historical context, and Mothra as wedding emcee, is it possible that Yayoi and the Big Guy will find happiness? This new translation of Yasuhiko Ohashi’s smash-hit comedy is a treat for fans of Godzilla…and anyone who has ever been in love.


“…a highly comic take on old-fashioned, star-crossed lovers who have to overcome incredible obstacles to be with each other.”
—The Globe & Mail

About the Author

Yasuhiko Ohashi was born in 1956, and founded his theatre troupe Libresen (Freedom Boat) in 1983. Godzilla was written and directed by Ohashi in 1987 and received the Kishida Kunio Drama Award. Ohashi’s major theatre works are Camellia Flower (1993), a time travel story that goes back to the moment of the famous suicide by an advertising copywriter in the 1970s and Original (2001), semi-horror stories of bodies invaded by lost souls. Ohashi is also a regular writer for NHK Television, Japan’s national public
broadcasting station. A cultural staple, Godzilla has toured repeatedly throughout Japan.

M. Cody Poulton teaches Japanese literature and theatre at the University of Victoria. Recent publications include Spirits of Another Sort: The Plays of Izumi Kyôka (2001). He is also the translator of three Kabuki plays in Volumes I and II of Kabuki Plays on Stage (2002) and two contemporary plays for Volumes IV and V of Half a Century of Japanese Theater (2002, 2003).

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
64pp 5.5 x 8.5 in
6F/4M, doubling